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The forecast about Tesla Cybertruck’s wheel center caps

Cybertruck is one of the most outstanding products in vehicle field .Although it is only pre-sale , there are a bulk of fans who love vehicle modification want to get insight to how to upgrade this artwork.

  It does have a lot of advantages , such as bulletproof capability, pure electric drive, body frame and so on .however; it also have some prominent problems ,so the fans could modify these disadvantage to enhance its performance .the most and serious issue is its weight , it is so heavy that the dynamic system no good enough to meet its demand , at the same time ,which mean that wheel rim will withstand more stress and the owner have to pay more attention to the protection and daily care of the wheel rim .

 The relevant detail of wheel rim can be referenced in the previously shared articles.

In addition, Hubcaps center cap, a kind of element which used to protect and beautify the hub ,is a really meaning part . The majority of people ignore its importance for cars , so that it not only will increase the risk of traffic accidents, but also will pay customer extra money in altering wheel rim screw while it broken .

What we can see in the picture is Cybertruck’, its wheel seems completely various form the pickup’s on the market. The detail shown in the pictures, we can see that they use the tire with numbers 285/65/ R20 .Namely, this pickup is equipped with 35-inch tires and 20-inch wheel hubs

In addition to the size of the tyre and hub, we can't know whether the car is equipped with hubcaps just by looking at the pictures. We can judge from the hub structure that the possibility is small. But if the hubcap can be installed on the hub, what size and shape should it be.

Therefore, we investigat several common pickups and SUVs that are installed with 20 inch hubs on the market, and make a guess about the hubcap of the Cybertruck.

1. Tesla Model Y---Upgrade

The car is equipped with 235/40/R20 front wheels. The size of the wheel hubcap of the car is outside diameter 156mm(6.14) and inside diameter 50.5mm(1.99in). This is a large-diameter hub cap and we can see that this hubcap is shaped like a satellite lid with 5 clips.

2.2017 Chevrolet Silverado 6.2L High Country 

Silverado HighCountry is a large-size pickup, which is equipped with 275/55/R20 wheels. And the size of the wheel hubcap is outer 83mm(3.27in), and inner 76.4mm(3in). You can see that this 20-inch hub equipped with a small hub cap and shaped like mirror with 6 clips.


3.2018 GMC Sierra 1500

This a luxury full-size pickup truck. It is with a 275/55/R20 and the car's hub not only provide a good balance to provide car with a comfortable ride on city roads, but also provide traction and stability in off-road and heavy haul condition. Its wheel hubcap dimensions are out 185.8mm(7.31in) and inner 137mm (5.39in). This is a large hubcap and shaped like 6 clips round plate.

In a nutshell, according to these figures and pictures and combining past experience , we could make a conclusion that the outer diameter of the center cap for cybertruck should reach 150-190mm with 6 clips, which belong to the large wheel center caps.

At the same time, we recommend several wheel center caps of different pickups, trucks or SUVs and other medium-sized vehicles and their prices to provide you with a reference, so that you have a corresponding modification budget in mind.

1.This is a big sized hubcap for 2007-2013 Chevy Silverado 1500 (pickup), with the size of out diameter 182mm(7.17in) and inner 170mm(6.69in)---$62.99 for 4pcs

4Pcs of Wheel Center Caps for 07-14 Chevrolet 182mm(7.17in) (

2.1992-1999 Chevy Silverado wheel hubcap. Out 190mm(7.48in) and inner 178mm(7in)---$41.99 for 4pcs

4Pcs of Wheel Center Caps for Chevrolet GMC 190mm(7.48in) (

3.2020-2021 Tacoma TRD PRO wheel center hubcap. Out 138mm(5.43in) and inner 118mm(4.65in)---$42.99 for 4pcs

4Pcs of Wheel Center Caps for Tacoma TRD Pro 138mm(5.43in) (

At last, if you want to know more about info of car hubcaps, you can go to Rheedal's office. 

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